Hydro Tek HD Series


High Intensity Diesel Burners & Super Efficient Heating Coils:
The ultimate balance of power and efficiency in these uniquely designed schedule 80 coils. Provides economical operation with consistent superior performance. Auto ignition adds peace of mind & ease of operation.

Stainless Steel Coil Housing & SS Inner Wrap:
Lifetime corrosion resistance, inside and out – unmatched coil protection, double wall protected to contain the intense heat of the burner providing optimal long life and performance.

Stainless Steel Frames and Panels:
Not just decorative flashes, these rugged and durable panels offer lifetime corrosion resistance and protection of your valuable investment from the harshest environments. Quick connects provide easy removal for full access to all major components. HD Direct Drive units have open back side for easy service access.

8 Gallon Fuel Tank with Filtration:
Heavy Duty “roto-molded” rust free fuel tanks with fuel filter to protect against contaminated fuel. Extended run time reduces interruptions.

Other Standard Features
Adjustable pressure unloader, safety relief valve, burst disc technology and temperature limit switch. Nozzles for various applications, 50’ hose, gun and wand included. Heavy duty industrial motor with standard thermal overload protection. NEMA4-Water tight control panel with lighted switches. 4) 10” pneumatic tires for enhanced mobility and 4 handles for easy moving.


HD Direct Drive Models

Automatic Start-up and Shut-down: (HD15002E1C and HD22004E2C)
Operator has total control over the system from the trigger gun. This added convenience not only saves time and effort, it reduces wear of the pump, prevents the pump from running dry and produces an energy efficient system.

Downstream Chemical Injection:
The direct drive models are equipped with downstream chemical injection that can be turned on and off right from the gun – no need for the operator to return to the machine. Chemicals and other additives are introduced after the pump eliminating the risk of pump damage.


HD Belt Drive Models

Inlet Chemical Injection:
The belt drive models are equipped with inlet soap injection combined with precision chemical metering valve and float tank to inject soap at full pressure for optimal cleaning effectiveness. Panel mounted controls enable the operator to vary the mixture of soap or other additives with ease.

Belt Driven Pump:
High torque, low RPM drive- cooler, quieter, continuous duty performance. These ceramic plunger triplex pumps feature oversized aluminum crankcases with special cooling fins for extended pump life and stainless steel valves, seats, springs and plunger rods for positive seating and increased performance.

Adjustable Temperature:
Panel mounted adjustable temperature knob with steam setting increases cleaning effectiveness.


Direct Drive Model PSI GPM Temp HP Voltage
HD15002E1M 1500 2 250 2 115v 1ph 20a
HD15002E1C 1500 2 250 2 115v 1ph 20a
HD22004E2H 2200 3.5 250 5 280/230 1PH 24a
HD27004E2H 2700 3.5 250 6.5 230v 1ph 27a
HD35015E1H - High Heat Low Flow 350 1.5 320 1.5 115v 1ph 15a  Steam Cleaner
Belt Drive Model PSI GPM Temp HP Voltage
HD10003E1G 1000 2.8 250 2 115v 1ph 20a
HD20004E2G 2000 3.8 250 5 208/230v - 1ph 24amp
HD25004E2G 2500 3.6 250 6.5 230v - 1ph 27amp
HD25004E2C 2500 3.6 250 6.5 230v - 1ph 27amp
HD30003E2G 3000 3.2 250 6.5 230v - 1ph 27amp

HD Series Brochure: http://easycleansystems.com/PDF_Folder/HD-Series-02-2013.pdf

Easy Clean Detergents

Easy Clean Systems offers a full line of concentrated industrial cleaning detergents for all your cleaning needs.  From liquids to powders, 
Easy Clean offers everything you will need for your pressure washer, steam cleaner, cabinet washer or water treatment system. 
Listed below is some of our most popular products, call us for more information.

Dissolve All Citrus based cleaner degreaser.

XL-300 All purpose cleaner

E.H.D. Steam Cleaning Liquid

E.H.D. Steam Cleaning Liquid S4300
A heavy duty, high pressure or steam, concentrate.  Fast acting liquid steam cleaner for use in all types of pressure washers and steam cleaning equipment. E.H.D. has strong sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) content and contains specially selected wetting agents to aid in the detergency power. This product also has sequestering agents employed to help in the prevention of hard water scale buildup in coils. Ideally suited for the tough job of cleaning ferrous metal surfaces.
Use with caution on fine paint as it may dull the finish and may discolor soft metals. For use on trucks, trailers, tractors, fifth wheels, engines, construction equipment, machinery, plant equipment, electric motors, farm equipment and for heavy duty floor cleaning. It is free rinsing and leaves no residue. Wear protective clothing, gloves and eye protection. E.H.D liquid
is 100% biodegradable.
E.H.D. Steam Cleaning Liquid is avaiable in the following sizes:
1 Gallon
5 Gallon Pail
55 Gallon Drum
275 Gallon Tote

Easy Blue

Easy Blue
A heavy duty, all purpose degreaser, 100% biodegradable, water-soluble, and butyl based concentrate. Works fast and effectively against grease, oil, gum, dyes, ink, adhesives, soap scum, carbon deposits, etc.  May be safely used on any washable surface including all metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous. Cleaning with Easy Blue is much more effective than high pressure or steam alone due to its excellent emulsifying capabilities. Use on autos, trucks, trailers, tractors, buses, all types of machinery and equipment, floors and walls, parking lots, car lots, commercial kitchens, etc. 
Easy Blue  is available in the following sizes:
1 Gallon
5 Gallon Pail
55 Gallon Drum
275 Gallon Tote

Pressure Washer Parts and Accessories

Need parts and accessories for you pressure washer?
We have you covered, check out our online catalogs featuring
parts and accessories below. From nozzles, hoses,
trigger guns, wands and more to burner and pump
parts we have it all.

We can ship parts, and accessories right to your front door.

Give us a call today. "We Make Cleaning Easy"


Remember proper maintenance will reduce costly downtime,
call Easy Clean Systems for all your pressure washer repair,
maintenance and service needs.

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